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Corduroy Camper (Black) with Cypress Patch

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A classic of the Tommy Breeze lineup! This 6-panel camper-style hat is made with a corduroy crown and a faux suede brim.
Cypress patch design features detailed embroidery on top of a brightly printed background. An ink and watercolor image was translated into thread to create this patch.

We sew every patch onto its hat, to ensure durability and quality. This process is time consuming, but it simplifies small-batch customization while adding a maker's touch that can't be replicated through large-scale machine sewing. 

This premium hat features: 
  • Printed & embroidered patch 
  • High-quality corduroy fabric
  • Faux suede brim and button
  • Plastic snapback enclosure 
  • Structured high-profile crown

Please note: colors in photographs are not exact. 

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