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Hite-Rite Hats (Choose Your Style)

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A limited run of custom Hite-Rite hats are here, made to celebrate the re-release of the original Hite-Rite: a bicycle component that helps optimize your seat height for riding technical trails. The Hite-Rite became an icon in the 1980s, and now you can get one new-in-package for your vintage bike... or an official hat for your head!

Tommy's hat workshop in Marin County, CA has been put to use to produce this run of official Hite-Rite merch. His dad Joe patented the Hite-Rite with Josh Angell in the mid 80s. Joe also designed the Hite-Rite logo that now features on this patch. 

A very limited supply of hats are available. Grab yours today!