Hite-Rite 40th Anniversary Camper Hat – Tommy Breeze

Hite-Rite 40th Anniversary Camper Hat

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A special run of custom hats made to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Hite-Rite. 

Featuring one patch and 3 custom embroidered areas: 40th anniversary logo, Breeze & Angell logo, and the "Descend With Conviction" tagline.

Tommy's hat workshop in Marin County, CA has been put to use to produce this run of official Hite-Rite merch. His dad Joe Breeze patented the Hite-Rite with collaborator Josh Angell in the mid 80s. 

Joe also designed the Hite-Rite logo that now features on this patch.  

This premium hat features: 
  • Embroidered patch 
  • 5 panel construction
  • Flat brim
  • Strap-back enclosure
  • Low-profile crown

Please note: colors in photographs are not exact. 

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